Space Travelin'

from by Stations

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CHORUS: [Dylan]
Ride on the tail of a shooting star
Far away from everything we’’ve come to hate so hard
Up, up away ‘cause you said that you wanted things to change and fill up that empty space
Your eyes are opened wide but why the long face
Won’t you let me fly us to that dream inside your head
Keep up with me burning red can’t you see
Transmitting in the distance
Brighter skies ahead
This is all for you
Eyes wide open all for you
This is all for you
Eyes wide open all for you

There’s chemicals in the water
Poisoning the children
In our rivers and our oceans
Our global broadcast stations
Ain’t no safe place to live no more
Ain’t no time to love it seems
You be careful what you believin’
See in ain’t the end all feelin
Im closer to the edge
Yes I’m closer to the edge
Oh, I’m closer to the edge
Yes I’m closer to the edge
Hey there brother please say something for me

Chemic independence systemic transcendence
So many Impositions and still we take no stance
No chance for change or anything else on this plane of existence for which we stand
One nation under Mars now ain’t life grand
We forget about Venus she’s on demand
We rise to violence and then we fall
we go relieved and we blame it all on the sickness
Believe it with a quickness
Take all your lies up and put you on a ledge
Saying please brother please brother please
I’m so damned close to the edge


Well I’m ok
Ok now
Yeah I’m okay now
We’ve been travelin’ on
Through outer space
No sense in changin’ pace

You can’t get by in this world with a soft heart
They say they say
Well okay
Said five, four, three, two, one
Let it ride out


from Stations, released April 24, 2015
Vocals: Dylan, Kenny, Annabelle, Jason
Guitar: Dylan
Euphonium: Jacque
Drums: Jillian
Bass: Jason



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Stations Seattle, Washington

Seattle based band Stations is a 6 piece group creating a unique mashup of genres. Hints of Hip-Hop and R&B, mixed with funky grooves and haunting hooks.

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